Current Series

Songs for the Road

Is There Any Meaning to Life?

Is there more to life than having a good time? Why bother caring for people if in the end death will snatch everyone away, including ourselves? Why are we here? 

Countless people throughout history have found the wisdom of this ancient book enlightening and comforting.

Join us as we reflect on the timeless wisdom of Ecclesiastes. 

The Fast I Choose

Christians have celebrated Lent for most of church history, but what exactly is it? Why do Christians fast during Lent? Why should anyone care? Join us as we tackle these and more questions in the course of a study of Isaiah 58.

Sermon on the Mount

The start of a New Year is a great chance to remind ourselves of the new life that the Savior came to bring us. Join us as we go through the Sermon on the Mount and its compelling presentation of life in Christ.

Tidings of Comfort & Joy

Discover the unexpected joy that the old Nativity story can still excite in our hearts as we explore Luke 1 & 2.


Nehemiah stands out as an effective leader who accomplished a mission of restoration against much resistance thanks to God's favor. Join us and learn the difference Nehemiah's story of restoration could make in your own life.


Commentators have called the book of Titus "an apostolic manual to church planting." Discover the connection between the gospel, daily living and church planting.