Current Series

A Lifestyle of Repentance

We often have the thought in our minds that when we confess our sins to God, he's looking down on us with a frown on his face, shaking his finger at us.  But what if, instead of a shaking finger, there are open arms, welcoming back the wayward sinner?  What if, in fact, he's rejoicing at our repentance?!  For this series, we will listen to several parables that Jesus tells in Luke's Gospel as he paints the picture of not only what repentance looks like, but even how to cultivate a lifestyle of repentance.


Nehemiah stands out as an effective leader who accomplished a mission of restoration against much resistance thanks to God's favor. Join us and learn the difference Nehemiah's story of restoration could make in your own life.


Commentators have called the book of Titus "an apostolic manual to church planting." Discover the connection between the gospel, daily living and church planting.