Mission & Vision

Gracehill Church is a community of Christ followers, rooted in the gospel of grace, called to love and serve Grand Rapids.

Gracehill is in partnership with Christ Church and as part of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), Gracehill subscribes to these beliefs 

Core Values

The Gospel of Grace

We value the gospel of grace (cf. Acts 20.24). We believe that the gospel is the good news of God’s reconciling love in Christ: God sent his eternal Son into an estranged world so that the Son might become one with humanity and reconcile sinners back to God and to one another by his death in their place. After his resurrection and ascension, the Son sent his Spirit to effect this reconciliation in the hearts of believers among all peoples of the world. We believe this is the center of God’s purpose for creation. Therefore, we will pray and strive to keep this gospel of grace as the motivation and compass of everything we do.

Personal Renewal

We value personal renewal. We believe that God’s grace calls every single person to enjoy transformation into his restored image in Christ in all aspects of life. Therefore, we will pray and strive to motivate and help everyone in Belknap to exchange harmful patterns of thought and action for God’s good and perfect will for human life.

True Community

We value true community. We believe that God made humans social in order to reflect his heart of love. We also believe that, as God’s community of renewed humanity, the church must seek to live out this love through concrete deeds of compassion, generosity and all-embracing hospitality. Therefore, we will pray and strive to encourage and practice tangible expressions of love.

Dynamic Evangelism

We value dynamic evangelism. We believe that God calls the church to engage the world in all spheres of society with the beauty of the gospel of grace so that all sorts of people might continue to discover renewal in Christ. Therefore, we will pray and strive to organize engaging outreaches and equip all of our members to bear a winsome witness to the gospel in word and deed in all of Fulton Heights and the city of Grand Rapids.

Biblical Formation

We value biblical formation. We believe that God inspired Scripture in a unique way so that it could offer infallible instruction for conforming believers’ hearts and lives to his own heart of grace. Therefore, we will pray and strive to speak to the heart of believers through biblically-shaped songs, prayers, sermons, and sacraments.


We value prayer. We believe that it is Christ by his Spirit, and not our own abilities in and of themselves, who builds the church and establishes God’s kingdom on earth. We also believe that in order to deliver us from pride and self-reliance and to form in us a heart of faith, God calls us to ask continuously for his Spirit’s help. Therefore, we will pray and strive to rely on God through prayer before, during, and after all our activities.